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Debra Hernandez for City Council 2014

Debra Hernandez - Vice Chairperson, Chino Hills Public Works Commission

Chino Hills resident since 1995

Like so many other residents, Gabriel & I are grateful for the opportunity to live in such a safe, culturally diverse, and family oriented community. Entrusted with your vote, I will bring an independent voice and commonsense leadership approach to OUR city government.

As a Public Works Commissioner for the last 7 years, I’ve worked hard to ensure Chino Hills is a community where families aspire to live.
I will:
• Keep our city one of the top 40 places to live in the United States
• Ensure our young people are afforded the best possible education by maintaining a productive relationship between the City and the CVUSD
• Improve the infrastructure in all neighborhoods
• Ensure proper management of our open space
• Fair treatment for all parties in any interactions with the City
• Protect our rural equestrian traditions
• Forge mutually beneficial partnerships with existing businesses who are so crucial to the long term health and viability of city; and expand the tax base by attracting appropriate new businesses
• Ensure all businesses in Chino Hills are licensed, legal entities located in appropriately zoned areas
• Support the dedicated men and women of our Police, Fire, City Services and Military & their families.
• Enact Term Limits

To change things for the better we must first expand our expectations of what is possible. Whether a home owner, business owner, or renting property in Chino Hills,
I will be YOUR advocate. Vote for YOUR voice. . .

Vote Debra Hernandez…Working for a Better Chino Hills!


Chino Hills Champion

Chino Hills Champion

“Mrs. Hernandez is a long-time resident, a public works commissioner and she has been active in the community. As a first-time candidate she has her own ideas on how city business should be handled and she has the background as a commissioner to know how to get things done.”

“If you’re looking for a new face then we’d give the nod to Debi Hernandez.”

Chino Hills Champion
Opinion Section
Saturday, February 16, 2013