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Debra Hernandez for City Council

Debra Hernandez - Vice Chairperson, Chino Hills Public Works Commission

Chino Hills resident since 1995

Like so many other residents, Gabriel & I are grateful for the opportunity to live in such a safe, culturally diverse, and family oriented community. Entrusted with your vote, I will bring an independent voice and commonsense leadership approach to OUR city government.

As a Public Works Commissioner for the last 7 years, I’ve worked hard to ensure Chino Hills is a community where families aspire to live.
I will:
• Keep our city one of the top 40 places to live in the United States
• Ensure our young people are afforded the best possible education by maintaining a productive relationship between the City and the CVUSD
• Improve the infrastructure in all neighborhoods
• Ensure proper management of our open space
• Fair treatment for all parties in any interactions with the City
• Protect our rural equestrian traditions
• Forge mutually beneficial partnerships with existing businesses who are so crucial to the long term health and viability of city; and expand the tax base by attracting appropriate new businesses
• Ensure all businesses in Chino Hills are licensed, legal entities located in appropriately zoned areas
• Support the dedicated men and women of our Police, Fire, City Services and Military & their families.
• Enact Term Limits

To change things for the better we must first expand our expectations of what is possible. Whether a home owner, business owner, or renting property in Chino Hills,
I will be YOUR advocate. Vote for YOUR voice. . .

Vote Debra Hernandez…Working for a Better Chino Hills!

Endorsed by the Chino Hills Champion, October 25, 2014


Ms. Debra Hernandez

I have known Ms. Debra Hernandez,  for over 36 years. She has always had a sense of fair play and integrity. Her honesty is unquestioned by the people who know her. Her personality is one of service to her family, friends and the community at large and on this she never wavers.

In my opinion, she would make an excellent public servant. Her earnest diligence would be a true asset to the Chino Hills City Council and the community at large.

– Mark E. Hinsey